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Theragun Mini 4th Gen (Portable)

Theragun Mini 4th Gen (Portable)

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The Theragun is used by physical therapists, trainers, chiropractors, celebrities, athletes, and over 250 professional sports teams worldwide. Developed by Dr. Jason Wersland, every aspect of the Theragun mini has been thoughtfully designed and adapted from our signature Theragun design for maximum ergonomic comfort and unparalleled portability; quick relief and relaxation that fits conveniently in your purse or backpack.


Easy-to-Clean Closed-Cell Foam Attachment

Hard plastic attachments can harm the body, so we designed ours with comfortable, non-porous closed-cell foam, which can be easily cleaned for a hygienic and relaxing experience. Each has a unique shape and impact level to ensure the right treatment in the right area—the result of years of feedback from our founder Dr. Jason's actual patients. While the mini comes with one Standard Ball attachment, it is compatible with all 4th generation Theragun attachments, so you have the option use your favorite attachment from your Theragun PRO, Elite, or Prime, or explore our entire selection and find the right one for you.

Standard Ball Attachment - Impact Level: 5/10 - Perfect for overall use on large and small muscle groups

Manufacturer‏ : ‎ TheraGun

Warranty Description: 1 Year

Warranty Summary: Manufacturer Warranty

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